Whats stylish, comes in 7 vibrant colours, fits in your pocket and clicks pictures aswell. No, iam not talking about the latest smartphone launched in the market but about the Instax Mini Series cameras manufactured by Fujifilm.

These Uber kool devices not only take pictures but print them in real time too. Just point, compose and click and wallah you have the print develop right in front of your eyes.

Imagine it’s your first office party and everyone is busy flaunting their gizmos to impress your Boss. You smartly take out an Instax click a few moments and share the print with your colleagues and peers. You have already made a lasting impression and your Boss starts taking notice. Be it a family gathering or a night out with your friends just carry an Instax along to capture and share the fun moments with your dear ones. As a Street Photographer I was invited to speak about the Mini Series at a promotional event organized by Fujifilm India. I got the opportunity to interact with leading lifestyle bloggers from the city who were equally excited and curious to learn about this range of product. Fuji currently has 4 models available in the Mini Series viz. Mini 8, 25, 70 and 90. Ergonomically these models weight upto a maximum of 300 gms (excluding batteries and film) hence they are pretty much easy to carry around. The film needs to be acquired separately and comes in a pack of 10. Of late I was travelling to the rural villages of Bengal for a documentary shoot and decided to carry my Instax Mini 8 with me. I took some instant clicks and shared it with the locals.

Just as I was about to leave a child approached me with a smile and asked if she could have her picture taken. I was more than happy to oblige and she was even happier with her image. “I will frame this one” she retorted as she ran back to show it to her friends.

That’s the magic which Instax helped me create. So if you are young & stylish and want to spread cheer just pick up an Instax and start clicking….
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